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The Lights of Mystery 

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City Scrapes

New York City singer-songwriter Michael Beatty is a throwback to the early ‘70s when artists like Elton John (with Bernie Taupin) and James Taylor broke through on the back of superior song craft rather than any inherent hipness. It’s a breath of fresh air to hear a songwriter so passionate about words and melody without encumbering themselves with contemporary restrictions and lowest common denominator aesthetics. Beatty’s a songwriter for grown-ups, and his words and music, in fact his whole demeanor, comes with a welcome maturity. 


His instrument of choice is, of course, piano; and he’s ably supported by a band with shared experience playing with everyone from Aretha Franklin, Ashford & Simpson and Nina Simone, to Elton John, Carole King and Gavin DeGraw. These are top-notch musicians and they help give “City Scrapes” a sheen of Brill Building sophistication, happily without sacrificing Beatty’s sidewalk blues. The best songs here, “My Street”, “You and Me: Together” and “Night Show” take their places in a New York tradition that includes the work of Dion DiMucci and “Streetlife Serenade” period Billy Joel. If any of this seems vaguely appealing I can only suggest you give “City Scrapes” a spin.”  

-Leicester Bangs Review



"Masterful songwriting; not just catchy -deep" -Performer Magazine


"Another harmonius, ear-delicious blend of songs that speaks to the soul..." -NRS Spotlight

Selected Discography.

1. My Street

2. Slapback

3. The Bluest Eyes

4. You & Me: Together

5. City Scrapes

6. First Time

7. Rise

8. When You're Gone


10. 42nd Street Hymn

Michael Beatty: Piano, Rhodes, percussion.

Sean Harkness: Acoustic, electric, bass guitars.

Boris Pelekh: Electric guitar, cello.

Jonathan Mover: Drums

Dave Schommer: Drums, percussion.

Valerie  Ghent: Hammond B3

Tom Devaney: Electric guitar

Martine Allard: Background vocals

Nikki Van Cassele: Background vocals

Produced by Ron Allaire & Michael Beatty

Executive Producer: Tim LeGallo for BWM

Mastered by Chris Muth at Tawoola

Recorded & mixed in NYC at:

Skyline, Loho, & Campo Studios

All music & lyrics by Michael Beatty

Released 2011 bluewingmusic / BMI

1.First Time

2. When You're Gone (Live Acoustic Version)

All music & lyrics by Michael Beatty

Released 2013 bluewingmusic / BMI

1. Cold Heart


3. Something About Walking

4. Accidental Tourist

5. Appalachian Sunset

6. Ghostlight

7. Battle Scars

8. Lost Highway Home

9. The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood

Michael Beatty: Vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards

Brad Young: Keyboards, programming, background vocals

Gary Backstrom: Acoustic and electric guitars, background vocals

Ed Jurdi: Acoustic and electric guitars, harmonica

Mike Rivard: Bass

Larry Finn: Drums

Anthony Grant: Horns

Dave Limina: Accordion

Produced by Brad Young for Underground Productions

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at:

Underground Studios, Needham MA.


Lyrics by Michael Beatty

Music by Michael Beatty & Brad Young

Released 2000 bluewingmusic / BMI

1. The Night Traveler

2. Postcards Blue

3. The Second Trip 

4.The Castle

5. This Train

Michael Beatty: Vocals, piano, chamberlain, Hammond organ.

Gary Backstrom: Acoustic & electric guitars

Mike Rivard: Bass

Scott Mitchell: Drums, percussion

Martine Allard: Background vocals

Leslie Hosmer: Background vocals

Todd Perlmutter: Drums, percussion, inspiration

Alex Smoller: Bass

Produced by Jon Lupfer

Recorded at Q-Division, Boston MA.


Music & lyrics by Michael Beatty  

Released 1996 bluewingmusic / BMI

Re-released 2009

What Is True?

1. But For Now

2. Before I Go

3. Into The Wind

4. Morgan the Pirate

5. What Is True?

6. Summer Rain

7. How Long?

8. The Phoenix

Produced by Brad Young

Recorded at Newbury Sound, Boston MA.


Music & lyrics by Michael Beatty  

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